Here are the Games Industry Highlights | Week 16-17 | 2024

International News

  • 🌍 Take-Two Interactive is laying off up to 400 people across its subsidiaries. Some projects will also be canceled.
  • 🌍 Steam smash hit Content Warning has sold over 700,000 copies after giving away 6 million free copies.
  • 🌍 Miniclip has acquired FuturLab (PowerWash Simulator).
  • 🌍 Prestiged Gaming Group announced an investment fund to acquire game companies in Europe. More info: VentureBeat
  • 🌍 Mobile publisher Kwalee fires 40 staff but still plans to grow headcount to over 400.
  • 🌍 All Fallout games have received a major spike in players following the new TV show. Fallout 4 sales even shot up 7,500% in Europe last week, sending the game to No.1 in the charts.
  • 🌍 Konvoy published a new Gaming Industry Report, which can be useful for people gathering data on the current industry situation. Konvoy
  • 🌍 Global Games Fund is a new initiative by that will work with developers in emergent territories to support & fund their work through prototype-stage and pre-production project-based funding up to US$50,000 with transparent & developer-friendly recoup structures. Global Games Fund
  • 🌍 Embracer Group announced its intention to transform into three standalone publicly listed entities.
  • 🌍 Meta is opening up Meta Horizon OS, the mixed reality operating system that powers Meta Quest headsets, to third-party hardware makers.

Belgian Games Industry News

  • 🇧🇪 BIG SHOTS by AlterEyes released on all VR platforms! It’s a VR Roguelite where you fight endless alien hordes and earn upgrades to become the ultimate mech pilot. BIG SHOTS
  • 🇧🇪 Slapshot Rebound (Oddshot Games), a physics-based multiplayer hockey game, had its Full Release after years of Early Access. Slapshot Rebound
  • 🇧🇪 Breachers (Triangle Factory) launched its Competitive Update.
  • 🇧🇪 Myron Games announced its next title, Underworld Overseer, the ultimate dungeon management experience in virtual reality! Underworld Overseer
  • 🇧🇪 Baldur’s Gate 3 (Larian Studios) has won the BAFTA GOTY and has become the first game to win all five major GOTY awards.
  • 🇧🇪 Flemish Games Association & Video Games Federation Belgium published a jobs report for the Belgian gamedev sector! Jobs Report
  • 🇧🇪 The deadline for the next round of Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds funding for games is nearing! Deadline: 30 April 2024 VAF Funding
  • 🇧🇪 The Belgian Game Awards are back, and submission forms have just opened! First Deadline: 21 May 2024. Belgian Game Awards

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