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Prins Leopoldstraat, 28, 2140, Antwerpen, België
Game production studio from Antwerp


Rue du Onze Novembre 6, Mons, Belgium
Wallonia’s economic fund for the audiovisual and gaming industry


Rue Lambert-Lombard 3, Liège, Belgium
Investor in Liège region

Here are the Games Industry Highlights | Week 20-21 | 2024

International News

  • 🌍 Steam Data Suite shared that on average, 58% of the listed price on Steam is what’s paid out to the publisher/developer.
  • 🌍 Square Enix confirms US & Europe layoffs as part of restructuring. Publishing, IT, and Square Enix’s Collective indie games label are affected. They also write off a loss of ¥22.1B ($140M) in content abandonment losses – cancelling previously greenlit premium console games.
  • 🌍 Microsoft closed Arkane Austin, Alpha Dog Studios, Tango Gameworks, Roundhouse Games and revealed a new Activision studio: Elsewhere Entertainment (Warsaw Poland)
  • 🌍 In 2024, over 10 000 games industry jobs have been lost due to layoffs and studios closures.
  • 🌍 PlayStation is adopting a structure with 2 CEOs as replacement to Jim Ryan, with Hermen Hulst & Hideaki Nishino
  • 🌍 Electronic Arts (EA) is diverting 100 percent of Immortals of Aveum net sales revenue to the developer Ascendant Studios.
  • 🌍 Newzoo updated its 2023 global games market numbers. The market volume forecast has been lowered from $187.7 billion (+2.6% YoY) to $183.9 billion (+0.5% YoY)
  • 🌍 Some interesting numbers & sales reports: 10.5 million games were sold in Europe in April of this year. This is 6.2% less than in April 2023. Also of note: Sony shipped 5 times more PS5 consoles to stores in Q1’24 than Microsoft did with the Xbox Series S|X
  • 🌍 IGN Entertainment Acquired the digital brands/game coverage websites Eurogamer, GamesIndustry.Biz, VG247, Rock, Paper, Shotgun Ltd, and more.

Belgian Games Industry News

  • 👉 LuGus Studios revealed a new logo as well as an upcoming XR project: Liftoff: XR Drone
  • 👉 Iceberg Interactive has acquired the IP rights to Get Up Games’ Blazing Sails.
  • 👉 Sander Vanhove released an illustrated guide on Godot Engine 4 and GDScript 2.0
  • 👉 Larian Studios opened their 7th studio in Warsaw, Poland to work on their next two ambitious RPGs
  • 👉 Jochen Mistiaen released his latest game: The Tower on the Borderland, a PSX-style horror game with Metroidvania & soulslike elements:
  • 👉 Polygoat is working on Care Bears: To The Rescue, a 2D platformer based on the popular kids cartoon.
  • 👉 Godspear Games & Oro Interactive are working on Spice Odyssey, a roguelite cooking game about a misfit space chef:
  • 👉 The Belgian Game Awards submissions are now closed for Released games & Studios, but Upcoming games can submit until August 16th:

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