Larian Studios

Ghent, East Flanders, Belgium
Larian Studios
80 employees
Consoles, Desktop

Larian operates all over the world but the first ever Larian studio was opened in Ghent during the glorious year of 1996 by our founding father Swen Vincke. Our Ghent studio remains Larian’s spiritual epicentrum to this day.

Situated just minutes away from Gravensteen Castle – which you might recognize as home to the weaponized sausages of Panel From Hell – and a leap away from the historic city center of Ghent our office is a unique place to work, live and play. We have the pleasure to have settled in a wonderful historical building, which was built in the 1860’s as a residential home to the owner of the textile baron Jules de Hemptinne. To honor the spirit of the building we still make cloth here today but rather the digital kind to feature in the games we make.

Being the eldest of our studio’s means there are many teams and disciplines who have a foot here in Ghent. It’s the ideal place to interact with all of them and get a taste of all the different flavors which need to come together to create the best RPG games in the universe. Whether you want to build a 3D engine, a marvelous art piece, compelling literary content, scripting magic, world building, UI/UX wizardry, bring animation to life, hone the quality of our products, conjure tooling contraptions, summon integrations between art and tech or join in a supporting team to help with IT, DevOps, Accounting or HR – Ghent is your first stop!

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