Balio Studio

Wallonia, Belgium
Balio Studio
20 employees
Services: Art and Animation, Development
Consoles, Desktop

Balio Studio is a video game development studio located in Belgium. We make games on different game platforms and home consoles.

IT’S ALL ABOUT PASSION and COMMITMENT BALIO STUDIO is an independent video game development studio based in Mons, Belgium. Our team of over 20 talented and passionate developers who strive for excellence.

Created in 2009 by The Baglio’s Brothers, Balio Studio is a leading console video games development studio, including PC, MAC, Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Plastation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series.
We’ve created successful games adapted from famous brands.
Coding on several platforms, emphasis on teamwork, and excellent internal communication, we created superior development crew.
Following the success of our latest titles: “The Sisters”, “Fort Boyard – Escape games” and “Who wants to be a millionaire”, we continue our development with passion working on many thrilling new projects.

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