Cognition Europe

Da Vincilaan 1, Zaventem, Belgium
Cognition Europe

Cognition Europe is a sister company of Cognition US, founded by Brian Pope in 2022. We aim to create innovative applications using game, scanning, XR, and AI technologies as part of our socially relevant RE•thinkTM platform. Our mission is to use technology for human enhancement, collaborating with visionary companies to push boundaries and improve both the world and individuals.

Brian Pope, a writer, director, entrepreneur, and philanthropist, combines an unconventional business philosophy with a passion for art, film, and game technology. He is involved in charitable initiatives using emerging technologies for humanitarian purposes, such as the Arc/k Project, which digitally preserves culturally significant heritage.

Cognition specializes in photogrammetry, 3D scanning, and VR environments for diverse applications. We seek synergies with like-minded individuals, museums, and organizations to provide a global solution for cultural preservation, aiming to safeguard centuries of artistic brilliance for future generations. We believe history lessons are crucial to preventing mistakes and advocate for advanced technologies to address contemporary challenges.

Cognition is developing the video game “Lunar Strike” to support Brian’s charitable projects. We see Flanders, with its rich cultural heritage, as an ideal hub for disseminating innovative technologies. “Lunar Strike” is a high-quality video game designed to raise awareness about technological revolutions and innovation as crucial elements of human evolution.

The Cognition team consists of imaging professionals with state-of-the-art tools commonly used to create alternative realities in film, television, gaming, AR, and other visual arts. While these tools are typically used for commercial narrative projects, Cognition has a broader mission: Providing the techniques and technologies for the preservation of history.

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