Prins Leopoldstraat, 28, 2140, Antwerpen, België
Cyborn Cyborn Cyborn Cyborn
20 employees
Services: Art and Animation, Development
Consoles, Desktop, XR

Cyborn is a game production studio based in Antwerp, Belgium, with a multi-talented team of developers, artists, animators, and engineers. Founded in 1998 by owner and CEO Ives Agemans, Cyborn started out as a 3D animation company. After many years of experience, the scope of our work broadened and evolved towards all sorts of game, film, VR, AR, 3D and mobile app projects.
Today, our main focus lies both on providing game services to clients, and producing games of our own, such as our VR action-adventure game ‘Hubris’.


We are dedicated to bringing productions to the next level by pushing quality boundaries of today’s cutting-edge technology, whether it’s AR, VR or 3D. Our strengths lie in our gaming expertise, knack for creative concept development and ability to develop innovative visuals and realistic digital humans.

Aside from that, we invest in implementation and optimalisation of the latest technologies. Cyborn’s state-of-the-art hardware, a pipeline for digital humans, a VR studio and an in-house, high-end motion capture studio powered by Vicon are some of our USPs that make us an exceptional service provider for all sorts of projects.

With such a strong technical background, we are capable of creating AAA quality VR and other game productions, and we are proud and honoured to work for some of the biggest video game companies in the world. Our ground-breaking and future-proof game production style guarantees the next generation of VR production.

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