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Boulevard Sainctelette 39, 7000 Mons, België
Drag on Slide

Drag ON Slide is a studio for the creation and development of serious games and interactive experiences using virtual and augmented reality.

We like to offer our customers fun solutions to meet specific needs. As you can see through our achievements, we work with all types of clients, from SMEs to large companies. We also touch on different technologies, always with the aim of promoting an essential user experience.

Our range of products:

• Safety Checking (webapp)
• Virtual Quality Week (WebGL)
• My Torah Kids (Android, iOS, Web)
• ParkinsonCom (Android)
• Interactive tour (Android)
• Safety Action (Windows)
• Business game (Android)
• Drag ON Blind (Windows)
• PromiSelf ® Game of Beams (Android, iOS)
• PromiSelf ® PEB Awareness (WebGL)
• PromiSelf ® Safety Game (WebGL)
• Benoveren (Arduino)
• Reflex-ON (Android, iOS, Windows, Oculus Rift)
• PromiSelf ® Determine Action (Windows)
• PromiSelf ® MiFiD II Game (WebGL)
• PromiSelf ® Start Up (WebGL)
• Project and client management (Web)
• PromiSelf ® Project Management V2 (Windows, HTC Vive)
• Quote management (Android, iOS)
• Next to You (Android, iOS)
• PromiSelf ® Breaking Beams (Android, iOS)
• C My Attitude (Android, iOS)
• PromiSelf ® VetAgro Sup (Android, Windows, MacOS)
• Space Heroes (Android)
• PromiSelf ® Restocking (Windows)
• Project management (Windows)
• White Page (Android, iOS)
• Dodge Me (Android, iOS)
• Culturallia 2015 (Android, iOS)
• Knauf (Android, Web)
• Giant Play (Kinect, Windows)
• Supply Chain Gaming (Windows)
• 3D Train Simulator (Android, Web)
• Maubeuge Place Forte (Android, iOS)
• Vigo Volt (Windows Phone)
• Beer Me (Android, iOS)
• etc

Our rewards:

• 75 years ARCoP (innovation prize)
• FIBO Winner (Cologne, Reflex ON)
• Mercure Prize (best company)
• INNO Pépites (best company)
• Tell US Award (Best Innovative Finalist)

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