Fabrique Fantastique

Sterrenstraat 48, 2500 Lier, België
Fabrique Fantastique
Services: Art and Animation
Consoles, Desktop, Mobile

In 2014, animator and director Tom Van Gestel founded the animation studio and production company Fabrique Fantastique (FF) in Geel, Belgium.

Today the company is located in an old factory building in Lier and has almost forty employees. Tom Van Gestel manages a team of 2D and 3D artists, draftsmen, graphic designers, screenwriters, directors and two project managers. It’s a close-knit team where employees are given the opportunity to learn from each other, and thus become proficient across multiple disciplines. The versatility of the group ensures that the projects, with the exception of sound finishing, can be fully realized within FF.

Short Bio Tom van Gestel – Creative Producer
Tom van Gestel (° 1985) obtained his master’s degree in Audiovisual Arts- Animation in 2007 at the Erasmushogeschool RITS in Brussels.

Up until 2013, Tom worked as an animator, director and art director for different animation studios. Since 2014 he has been the manager of his own production house and animation studio Fabrique Fantastique, where he remains creatively involved in each of his projects.

Tom Van Gestel worked as an Animator for the feature films Brendan and the Secret of Kells and Jack et la Mechanique du Couer and directed three series- Picnic with cakeFox and Hare and Sir Mouse.

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