Bierbeek, Belgium
Services: Business Services, PR and Marketing
I’m David Verbruggen, an independent videogame expert and evangelist with almost 30 years of experience.┬áMy specialties are public affairs,
communication, business, retail, sales and other aspects of the ever-growing videogame sector.
I represent the videogame developers in Flanders (via FLEGA) as well as the publishers & platforms in Belgium (via VGFB). I work closely with my colleagues in Brussels and Wallonia under the umbrella BelgianGames, and with my international colleagues in the global videogame sector.


What can I do for you?

  • Press? Contact me for analysis and quotes.
  • Company manager? Contact me for videogame consultancy.
  • Government? Contact me for insights in the (inter)national videogame sector.

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