Liège Game Lab

Liège, Belgium
Liège Game Lab

Created in 2016, the Liège Game Lab is a collective intended for research, teaching and mediation on video games at the University of Liège, under the status of constituent entity (research center) of the transdisciplinary UR Crossings (Philosophy and Letters). The LGL relies on the participation of around fifteen doctoral members, doctoral students and research assistants. Attached to the University of Liège, they provide five courses on video games, four of which are included in the first university training entirely dedicated to the use of video game culture in the socio-cultural field (certificate – 20 ECTS). Furthermore, the collective organizes numerous international scientific events and also mobilizes its expertise within the framework of exhibitions or workshops, such as LiègeCraft, which offers participants the opportunity to reclaim urban space through Minecraft, through consulting training for application development projects, classic or virtual reality video games, or activities and training around digital mediation.

The Liège Game Lab is:

  • Three missions: research, teaching and mediation of video games
  • A Belgian registration in several research networks
  • A multidisciplinary team
  • Publications, scientific events and student supervision
  • Research-creation activities
  • Several courses at the University of Liège

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