Mantis Games

Charles de Kerchovelaan 12, Ghent, Belgium
Mantis Games
5 employees
Services: Art and Animation, Development
Consoles, Desktop, XR

At Mantis Games, we don’t just make games, we enjoy playing them as well.
Each title we work on has been a labour of love and we’re proud to have garnered a few awards to our name.

Game services

The Mantis Games team is a multitalented crew of individuals that work well together to deliver stellar results.

🎮 Any Platform: PC, VR, Mobile, Consoles … we can handle it!
🎮 Game Engines: Unity3D & Unreal Engine 4
🎮 3D & 2D: We’ll make amazing worlds, characters and assets, no matter the number of dimensions
🎮 VFX: Special effects that blow your socks off!

Enlist our services and we’ll wow you with the results!

We Make Kick-ass Assets

Looking for ready-to-use assets to spice up your game?
We’ve got you covered!

Making games is expensive. If you’re looking to cut down on development costs or are simply looking for placeholder art while you’re working on your own models, consider picking up one of our Unity or Unreal asset packs

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