Mystale Games

Chaussée de Liège 624, Namur, Belgium
Mystale Games
5 employees
Consoles, Desktop

We’re a Belgian based Company that develop indie games in their own IP’s. We’re currently working on our first project, which is an isometric fantasy adventure game.
Our story started 2 years ago during College, where 3 students had a dream of creating their own company and develop their own games. We quickly entered a Business incubator called LinKube, with amazing coaches and professionals to advise and push us further through our Dream.

We’re also part of the big WALGA family along with other amazing Belgian Indie Studios.
We’re currently seeking Publishers and Distributors to discuss partnerships with.

Our Team is made up of the 3 founders :
> Manihel Foucart, Founder, Creative Director, CEO, Writer, Level artist, Environement artist
> Joackim Foucart, CoFounder, Project Manager, Gameplay Programmer, Technical Animator
> Karima Jamil, CoFounder, Marketing Manager, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

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