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Speech recognition-based ‍video games designed for people with speech disorders

instant feedback with a personal touch

When a client works together with a speech and language pathologist (SLP), the SLP provides both guidance and feedback on how the client performed or how they can adjust to continue making speech gains. SAY IT Labs proprietary artificial intelligent (A.I.) technology has been created to mimic this behavior by providing instant feedback and player-performance guidance.


in-house speech recognition technology

Speech recognition has become popular by systems such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant. People with speech disabilities have never managed to use such systems with ease nor accuracy.  After years of development, SAY IT Labs has created speech recognition technology that has been trained and adapted specifically for people with various speech disorders. Finally people who wish to practice independently have a platform that understands less common speech productions and offers speech assistance for remediation.


Top-notch technology wrapped in an accessible game

Imagine playing a video game designed for people with speech disabilities where your voice becomes the super power. This is the case with all SAY IT Labs video games where the client is at the center of the universe. Practicing hours and hours of speech goals independently in one of the most entertaining settings is the ultimate puzzle piece imaginable that can stimulate and offer confidence to promote speech practice.

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