Rue du Onze Novembre 6, Mons, Belgium

Wallimage SA is Wallonia’s economic fund for the audiovisual and gaming industries. It aims to develop and sustain these two industries in Wallonia. It operates through 4 departments: Coproductions, Gaming, Tournages and Entreprises.

Wallimage Coproductions supports productions which will incur significant expenditure in Wallonia. Each year, Wallimage Coproductions invests 6.5 million in around fifty productions. These films, series, documentaries, live or animated, are produced by Belgian producers. They are initiated or co-produced by us. In the end, more than 35 million euros are spent annually in the region. (information: [email protected])

Wallimage Tournages coordinates the reception of Walloon filming. In 2021, around a hundred files were managed for an impressive number of filming days of 618 days. This increase naturally has a significant economic impact on the audiovisual sector, Wallimage’s sphere of action, but its repercussions are also spectacular on local commerce, the hospitality sector for example. (information: [email protected])

Wallimage Entreprises invests in the capital of innovative companies specializing in audiovisual and gaming which are created, established or developed in the Walloon Region. At the end of 2021, its portfolio included a record number of fifty active companies: twenty of these structures are less than six years old (40%). These investments represent an outstanding amount of 13 million euros, or an average of 260K euros per company. The cinematographic service provider sector is still largely in the majority, whether in terms of outstanding assets or in terms of the number of companies financed. (information: [email protected])

Created in 2021 Wallimage Gaming is dedicated to financing video game projects, a sector of the future, capital for the region. In 2 years and 4 calls projects, Wallimage Gaming invested 3,5 million euros into 30 video games for their preproduction and/or production phase. They are initiated or co-produced by a walloon studio.  (information: [email protected])

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