Limburg Game Guild

Hasselt, Belgium
Limburg Game Guild

The Limburg gaming industry is booming, and we’re bringing out the heavyweight gloves in the Belgian arena. In recent years, we’ve seen a noticeable growth in the number of studios, churning out award-winning games left and right. The Limburg Game Guild is a community-building initiative focused on forging stronger connections between developers in Limburg.

Our goal?
First of all, put that famous Limburg conviviality to the test. Let’s get together on our regular meetups and chat about games, our industry, or, you know, the weather. And for those who prefer to stay remote, we’ve got you covered with our Discord channel. Having managed to create a more close-knit community, we have achieved our objective in full. If you’re a game developer from Limburg interested in joining our Discord server, feel free to reach out for an invitation.

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